Manuela Inez Perez Perez

"I am who I am because i choose to be ME"

                                                  About Me

Hecho en México, produced in the United States. A first generation Xicana who cannot find her place. Ni de aquí ni de allá, a girl in constant movement from place to place. A Mexica yautl cihuatl honoring the elements that surround her existing space. Challenged at an early stage by cultural shock and social disgrace.

My name is Manuela Inez Perez-Perez. I am an artist. Before anything else I know how to do, my passion and reason for living is art...

I dropped out of SAIC to learn from "Los Maestros" (the teachers) of the streets. Living in Pilsen, being inspired by community artists and activists like Hector Duarte, Roy Villalobos, and Miguel Cortez,- I have developed a unique form of self-expression.

My best teachers have been the various youth I have encountered in this walk of solidarity.

I would go as far as to consider myself a community activist and organizer.